GUNUNGKIDUL – Gunungkidul Regency Government submitted Draft of Introductory Note of KUA-PPAS (Kebijakan Umum Anggaran serta Rancangan Prioritas dan Plafon Anggaran Sementara/ General Policy on Priority Draft Budget and Provisional Budget Ceiling). This draft is being the base for the preparation of the activity program for next year.

The Vice-Regent of Gunungkidul, Immawan Wahyudi, said that the theme of construction in 2020 was Strengthening the Development of the Tourism Industry and Improving the Quality of Human Resources to Achieve Equitable Development and Regional Independence. This theme is elaborated in six development priorities namely education and health; social and poverty reduction; tourism and cultural economy; regional development infrastructure and spatial planning. Two other themes scope food security, the environment and disaster management; and bureaucratic reform and public services.

Immawan explained that in the 2020 KUA-PPAS the regency’s revenue is projected at Rp1,996,286,285,938.96. This amount was sourced from the PAD of Rp.231,870,292,463.03; balance fund of Rp1,237,785,518,000; and other valid regional income of Rp. 526,630,475.93.

For purchasing, it is projected to be Rp2,057,652,625,632.94. This amount is an accumulation of indirect expenditure amounting to Rp1,238,535,819,407.94 and direct spending amounting to Rp819,116,806,225.00. “They are still limited to projections and the potential for change is still very possible,” said Immawan.

He hoped that by submitting this introductory note, discussions could be carried out and there will be an agreement with the DPR. The results of this discussion will be the basis for the preparation of the 2020 Regional Budget (APBD). “Hopefully the discussion of the KUA-PPAS draft will run smoothly without any obstacles,” he said.

Chairman of the DPRD Gunungkidul, Demas Kursiswanto, said that the introductory note on the KUA-PPAS plan was used as a base for discussion. According to him, with this submission, the Board can conduct discussions related to plan of activities in 2020. “The process begins with the draft of KUA-PPAS and after the completion of the discussion will be used as a basis for the preparation of the 2020 RAPBD,” he said.