Semarang, Idola 92.6 – Central Java Regional Secretary Sri Puryono said that the provincial government collaborated with the central government, in an effort to work on Borobudur Temple as a new Bali in Central Java. One of them is developing potential besides the Borobudur Temple.

According to him, another potential that will be developed is that the provincial government plans to build a new Central Java Grand Mosque (MAJT/Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah) in addition to the city of Semarang.

Sri Puryono explained that the construction of MAJT around Borobudur will ignite the interest of tourists coming to visit. Especially, it will attract the foreign tourists from Muslim countries. So, they are not only enjoying the beauty of Borobudur Temple but also enjoying the cultural tourism.

“We will start to build the Central Java Grand Mosque this year. It will be located in Magelang. It is also close to Borobudur. Therefore, people will not consider Borobudur as the Buddhanization of Central Java or Magelang. It’s not like that, so we take the culture, “Sri Puryono said on Thursday (1/8).

Furthermore, Sri Puryono explained about his hope of the construction of a new MAJT around Borobudur can attract many tourists every year. As a world heritage, Borobudur Temple has to be enhanced continuously to attract foreign tourists to visit. It’s not only for the Borobudur Temple area, but also for around the area of Magelang Regency.

“The number of tourists who visit will contribute a lot to economic growth. Borobudur Temple is one of the pillars which is expected to support the tourism sector, “he said. (Bud)