JAKARTA – The name of the Likupang Special Economic Zone (KEK/Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus) in Tanjung Pulisan, North Minahasa, North Sulawesi suddenly skyrocketed. It becomes one of the Super Priority Destinations that is decided through a Limited Meeting at the Jakarta State Palace, July 15, 2019. In fact, there are only 4 Super Priority Destinations so far, they are from 10 New Bali or 10 Priority Destinations that have been set by President Joko Widodo, through a letter from the Cabinet Secretariat Number B 652 / CabSec / Maritime / 2015, dated November 6, 2015.

List of 10 Priority Destinations include: Lake Toba (North Sumatra), Tanjung Kelayang (Belitung, Babel), Tanjung Lesung (Banten), Kepulauan Seribu (Jakarta), Borobudur (Joglosemar), Bromo Tengger Semeru (East Java), Mandalika (Lombok) , NTB), Komodo Labuan Bajo (NTT), Wakatobi (Southeast Sulawesi), and Morotai (North Maluku). From those 10 popular destinations with the term “10 New Bali”, it finally focuses on the first 4 destinations, hereinafter called the 4 Super Priority Destinations.

“The four destinations are Lake Toba – North Sumatra, Borobudur – Joglosemar, Mandalika – NTB, and Komodo Labuan Bajo – NTT,” Arief Yahya, the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia explained in the Sapta Pesona Building. It was decided by President Jokowi on July 26, 2018 about a year ago, however, it does not mean that the remaining 6 destinations were not taken seriously.

Now there is a new designation called 5 Super Priority Destinations, which contains 4 Super Priority Destinations out of 10 New Bali, and 1 Destination out of 5 Featured Destinations. “5 Featured Destinations is not popularized yet on the grounds it is still the process of becoming a candidate for SEZ—Special Economic Zone—Tourism. The five destinations are Tanjung Gunung Bangka, Sungai Liat Bangka, Cikidang Sukabumi West Java, Pangandaran West Java and Likupang Minut North Sulawesi, ” Arief Yahya explained.

One of the 5 Leading Destinations, in this case is Likupang, North Minahasa, North Sulawesi. It is entered into 5 Super Priority Destinations together with 4 New Bali which had already entered the Super Priority cluster. They are Lake Toba, Borobudur, Mandalika and Komodo Labuan Bajo.

Why is Likupang progress super fast? “It’s like what President Jokowi nominates in the Indonesian Vision, that competition going forward is: the fast beats the slow! Speed is important, in addition to the commitment of regional leaders to accelerate,” the minister who had been named Marketer of the Year 2013 by Mark Plus answered.

The nominee for the Likupang SEZ is ready with clear and clean land, 197 hectares, and the process of completing the remaining 600 hectares. The total will be around 800 hectares, with an investment value of Rp 7.1 Trillion. Then, 16 required documents are already completed, and are carried out in 7 months. Currently, it’s just waiting for the discussion of the SEZ National Council. “The CEO Commitment factor, or the seriousness of the regional leadership is also very influential,” said Arief Yahya.

How do we know? How to measure the speed and commitment of regional leaders? Since 2015, the Ministry of Tourism, Arief Yahya has been using digital technology in all lines, marketing, destination development and HR or certification. Specifically, he uses digital technology in this Priority and Super Priority Destinations. Besides, Arief Yahya who formerly had position as Managing Director of PT Telkom also uses the Transformer Project Management System. It is monitored every week in the 16th floor War Room, Sapta Pesona Building.

“I know the percentage of progress in the development of all priority destinations that we monitor. Performance of Likupang North Minahasa, for example, until yesterday it was 171.4% of this week’s target. Or the realization of work is 71% faster than the plan! Sukabumi and Pangandaran are still 92%, and then Tanjung Gunung and Sungai Liat are still 85%. By using digital technology, we can read the achievements, performance, and seriousness of each destination,“ The minister from the professional background said.

Arief Yahya has launched a corporate culture, work culture within the Ministry of Tourism, with WIN-Way stance. It means Wonderful Indonesia Way, or The Way to Winning.  It is the thing that he instills strongly, so that the values of the Great Spirit and his Grand Strategy smoothly landed in the minds of the people of Indonesian Tourism. “There are 3S in Win-Way: Solid, Speed, Smart,” Arief Yahya repeated his words in June 23, 2016, three years ago.

Solid is unified, united and together. There must be a strong desire to move forward together. No more confined to silos or bureaucratic boxes. It must be “Indonesia Incorporated”. “Our enemy is not us, our professional enemy is Thailand, and our emotional enemy is Malaysia. We are fighting together to defeat them, who have long surpassed us, “said Arief Yahya.

Speed is like exactly what President Jokowi has repeatedly said.  “We must not be confined in an atmosphere of comfort zone, establishment, which makes poor initiative, poor innovation, fresh and slow ideas. Borrowing the term Andy Grove the founder of Intel, it’s only paranoid survive. So keep looking for ways to jump higher, run faster,” Arief Yahya explained.

Smart must be clever, and to be smarter we can use the unusual method, in which using digital technology. In addition, Arief Yahya also always uses benchmarking, look at other parts of the world, which has been successful. He thought of Albert Einstein’s words: “Ordinary people learn from their own mistakes, while I learn from the mistakes of others,” he mimicked.

That is why progress in all lines of Indonesian tourism is currently so fast. Four other Super Priority Destinations are also carried out in a smart way, which is monitored by the Transformer Project Management System. The Head of the New Bali 10 Acceleration Team, Hiramsyah Sambudhy Thaib explained that the achievements as of 12 July 2019 were 114.10%.

“There are 8 destinations reaching the target more than 100%, 2 destinations less than 100%, which is Lake Toba with an achievement of 98.60% and Borobudur with an achievement of 95.09%. But we are sure that the progress will continue to be accelerated, because it is assisted by all existing stakeholders. It is because this project is related to many parties, who currently support each other “said Hiramsyah.

He also immediately sped up, following up on 6 directives of President Jokowi in the Priority Tourism Destination Development Ratio, 15 July 2019. They are spatial planning, supporting infrastructure for tourism, port improvement, readiness of human resources, tourism attractions and tourism promotion integrated on a large scale.

There are two major tasks assigned by the New Bali Acceleration Team, first as a project management system, and secondly as a system integrator, towards that destination. The successful result of Nusa Dua needs more than 30 years. Mandalika and Tanjung Lesung, they were also started more than 20 years ago. That’s why what has been done with 4 super priority destinations now is an extremely fast jump.

Three destinations have the status of the Tourism Authority Agency, namely Lake Toba, Borobudur and Labuan Bajo. Meanwhile, Mandalika had already become a Tourism SEZ managed by ITDC. “The task of the Authority is to manage the authoritative zone, which is currently owned. Also became an integrator, in the coordinating area, for example Lake Toba with 8 Regencies on Lake Toba, 2 provinces in Borobudur, 1 Labuan Bajo and Flores Island, “said Hiramsyah. (*)

Source: sindonews.com