TEMANGGUNG – Java International Folklore (Jifolk) will enliven the Sindoro Sumbing Festival in Temanggung Regency, Central Java. Jifolk will perform folklore, art, and regional and international culture which are performed on one stage.

“Jifolk will be held on July 12-14 2019 at the Temanggung Town Square,” said the Director of the Sumbing Sindoro Festival, Imam Abdul Rofiq on Tuesday (9/7).

Jifolk is an international folklore show with the concepts of sustainability, local wisdom, and collaboration. The activity which lasted for three days presented the cultural richness of the people from various regions in Indonesia and abroad.

The performers who will participate include barong dance (Blora), lengger (Banyumas), kethek ogleng (Wonogiri), sasando (Flores), and kecak (Bali). There are also rampak drums (West Java) and ASEAN Contemporary Dance.

In addition to the stage, this event will also be equipped with a healthy traditional culinary booth and an exhibition about Temanggung’s folklore. Imam said that through Jifolk, the local Temanggung artists will receive a place to share the arts that they have been preserving to the Temanggung and surrounding communities.

According to him, with this opportunity, it is expected that local art performers will be more enthusiastic in practicing and developing their respective arts. This is in line with the agreement reached in the previous Sindoro Sumbing Festival event, which are a cultural workshop and a Jaran Kepang costume workshop.

In addition, arts and cultural activists in Temanggung will have the opportunity to meet and learn from each other with art activists from other regions in Indonesia and even abroad.

“Through this activity, the artists as well as the audience are expected to be stronger in their pride and love for local culture as well as more confident. This is because local culture can be stood with cultures from various regions and other countries, “he said.

Source: republika.co.id