DIENG – The Dieng plateau region in Wonosobo and Banjarnegara, Central Java, was covered by ice flower again. The temperature has dropped to near zero Celsius degrees in the last few days.

“This morning at six o’clock, the temperature is 5 Celsius degrees,” said Widjatmiko, the officer of temple restoration in Dieng, Tuesday (07/16/2019) this morning.

“This body is like freezing, even though I already wear double clothes, double jackets, socks and shoes,” he admitted by telephone to Tribunjogja.com.

According to Miko which is Widjatmiko’s nickname, extreme cold nears freezing has lasted the last six days.

White ice layer covered the Dieng plateau region on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 morning (IST | Widjatmiko for Tribun Jogja)

“It’s been the last six days this month,” he added.

In general, the situation in the tourist area of Dieng is quiet. There were no many tourists hunt for the freezing atmosphere of Dieng.

From photographs and video reports of Miko’s eye view, the ice flower covered the grass, shoots, plants, car surfaces, canopies and temple stones.

Dieng Plateau was covered in frost again on Tuesday (7/16/2019 morning. Air temperature close freezing point (IST | Widjatmiko for  Tribun Jogja)

The appearance of ice flower on the surface of the grass in the temple complex of Arjuna, Setyaki, and the surrounding potato gardens revealed a grayish white expanse.

Source: Tribunnews.com