Karimunjawa is an archipelago consisting of 27 islands. However, only about 5 islands can be occupied and inhabited. Because of its archipelago form, Karimunjawa has a stunning view of the sea and the island, especially at sunset and sunrise.

The islands were designated as one of Indonesia’s national parks in 2001. In addition, the Karimunjawa Islands are also part of one of the sub-districts in Jepara. The distance itself is quite far, which is 83 km from the northern part of the city of Jepara.

Karimunjawa consists of several islands and lands, including Karimunjawa Island with an area of 4,302 hectares, Menjangan Besar Island, Menjangan Kecil Island, Menyawakan Island, Genting Island, Seruni Island, Geleang Island, Cemara Besar Island, Cemara Kecil Island, Burung Island, and Batu Island.

Here, there are some fun activities that can be enjoyed by tourists. You can rent a boat that usually has a capacity of 15 people and sail in the sea around the islands.

In addition, you can also explore the Karimunjawa underwater world and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world and the richness of the biota in it. Exploring shipwrecks on Kemojan Island can also be the right choice for those of you who want to do extreme snorkeling.

On Menjangan Besar Island, you can also swim with sharks. In addition, there are many other exciting activities that you can do in Karimunjawa.