Semarang is the capital of Central Java Province which has many diverse tourist attractions. One of the interesting places to visit is the Penggaron Tourism Area. This place is also well-known as the Penggaron Forest.

Penggaron Tourism Area is an attractive natural tourist destination to visit in the heat of Semarang City. It is located 18 km to the south from the center of Semarang City. Although it is quite far, the access to the location is quite easy.

The tourists can enjoy a variety of interesting activities in the Penggaron Tourism Region. Ranging from forest trekking, SAR training, outbound training, Scouting, and recreation by enjoying flying outside birds.

If tourists do camping here, they will be able to see the fog that surrounds this forest. The tourists can also feel the cool morning breeze blowing softly accompanied by warm sunlight and will make the visitors unite with nature.

In this Penggaron Tourism Area there are many species of birds. There are approximately 97 species that live freely in this forest. ranging from flower lizards, eagles, green peacocks, and some migratory raptores.

Many species of birds in the forest which has an area of about 1,500 hectares makes the Penggaron Tourism Area an eco-tourism site or nature tourism with an insight into the environment and education.

Penggaron Tourism Area is also a protected area. For tourists who are interested in visiting this forest, you can go directly to its location in Susukan Village, Ungaran Timur, Semarang, Central Java.