Indrayanti Beach is one of the recommended tourist attractions to visit. The name Indrayanti Beach itself is already quite well-known among the local and foreign tourists.

This beach offers a captivating beauty of nature. Yards and yards of white sand that stretches along the beach, collaborating with the blue sea which makes an astonishing view. In addition to it, there is a hill that can be climbed so that tourists may see the beauty of Indrayanti Beach and the expansive Indian Ocean.

Various activities can be done by the tourists to enjoy their vacation at Indrayanti Beach. Firstly, of course, enjoy the beauty of this clean and invigorating beach. Secondly, tourists can also rent beach umbrellas complete with decent mats that line up along the beach.

Moreover, tourists can also rent a gazebo to sit and relax in while enjoying the beauty of the sea accompanied by delicious food. Playing Jet Ski, which the beach management rented out, is no less exciting because it is enough to trigger the adrenaline.

Once the tourists are done playing on the beach, they can also taste many kinds of food with prices that are well-variated. When the sun begins to set, visitors can also enjoy the stunning beauty of the sunset on Indrayanti Beach. To make it more exciting, tourists can also spend the night on the beach by setting up tents around the shoreline. This beach is located in the Village of Tepus, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta and is close to other beaches such as Omandeng, Sundak, Ngandong, and Sadranan beach, which are located right on the east.