Near from Yogyakarta, tourists can visit the Kyai Langgeng Tourism Park located in Magelang. Kyai Langgeng Tourism Park is one of the most-visited tourist attractions because it is considered as having a good and exciting character like Dufan in Jakarta but on a smaller scale.

Although Kyai Langgeng Tourism Park is not as big as Jakarta’s Dufan, this place has a variety of interesting rides that can be enjoyed by tourists. Here, visitors can ride a thrilling roller coaster that spurs the adrenaline.

Kyai Langgeng Tourism Park also contains an animal enclosure in which quite a lot of interesting animals can be seen up close. The animals that can be found in this area include the Cendrawasih bird, crocodiles, ducks, gibbons, various types of fish and many more.

Moreover, this tourism park also has a huge collection of rare plants such as Dewa Daru, Cempaka Ganda, Ruser, Matoa, Nagasari and Beludru/Velvet Apple, all of these plants are considered rare, so they are suitable to be made as references for a specific research.

Another interesting thing that Kyai Langgeng Tourism Park got to offer is the Traffic Park and the Aquarium Building. Furthermore, there is a ride that is enough to stimulate the adrenaline, called the go-kart. Not only that, Kyai Langgeng Tourism Park also has a swimming pool with a tower that could generate waves.

Kyai Langgeng Tourism Park is located at Cemp. Road No.6, Kemirirejo, District of Central Magelang, Magelang City, Central Java.