On Thursday, the 14th of February, 2019, Our Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, accompanied with the Regent of Purworejo, Agus Bastian, SE., MM. announced that Menoreh Digital Market in Sedayu Village, Loano District, Purworejo, is officially opened.

The Menoreh Digital Market consists of 20 huts, 10 of them provide and sell culinary specialties from Sedayu Village, and the rest is filled with MSMB(Micro, Small, Medium-Scaled Business) products made by the surrounding local citizens. This market is the second digital destination to exist in Purworejo after the Inis Market in Brondongrejo Village, Purwodadi District.

This market is a realization of tourist attractions in Purworejo. In addition to that, this tourism spot also helped to popularize the existence of Deloano Glamping, which is also located in the Village of Sedayu.

This market opens every Sunday, after 12 PM at noon. This has long been adjusted to the habits of the people in the village. The locals that live in the Sedayu Village usually make use of Sunday mornings for various activities, such as community services and the Holy Qur’an recitation.

One specialty of the Menoreh Digital Market is its very captivating evening panorama.  The visitors can capture or take a picture of the beautiful sunset panorama from this market.

This market is located at the northern shelter point of tourism development which is still progressing. Tourists can experience the magic of Menoreh Hill from the Menoreh Digital Market, especially since the services and facilities in this place are continuously improving.