Solo’s Kauman Batik tourism village is located in a strategic position, which is in the center of the city. This place is situated near Rajiman Street, Nonongan Street, Slamet Riyadi Street, and it is also surrounded by other crowded places, such as Klewer Market, Beteng and Gladak. Also, this tourist attraction is located very close to the Surakarta Palace(Keraton) and the Great Mosque.

It is very easy for tourists to access this village, because there are many road signs that help them so they will not get lost. It is better for tourists to walk, ride rickshaws, bicycles, or motorcycles while going through this village.

 Visitors may feel like they are being taken through a passage of time while walking in the alley ways of the Kauman Batik Village area. There are several houses with unique combinations of Colonial-Javanese, Joglo and Limasan architectural styles.

In Kauman Batik Village, there are various places that tourists may visit, such as: batik houses, batik showrooms, batik training places, research and development of batik products, and batik collection museums.

According to history, Kauman Batik Village was once the settlement of the servants in the Kasunanan Surakarta Palace(Keraton) who were maintaining the tradition by making batik. Kauman Batik Village offers this particular uniqueness, in which tourists and batik sellers can interact directly when they visit the batik home industry.  Aside from that, visitors can also see the production process of making batik and learn how to make batik directly.