Pura Mangkunegaran was built by Prince Sambar Nyawa or Raden Salah in 1757. This tourist attraction is located in the city center and is in the Keprabon area, surrounded by Ranggowarsito Street, Kartini Street, Raden Mas Said Street, and Teuku Umar Street.

This tourism spot has a different vibe from the Surakarta Palace. Pura Mangkunegaran has a more luxurious and elegant impression to it because the building is made of original teak wood. In fact, some furnitures of the interior rooms were sent directly from Europe.

After going through the main gates of the palace, tourists can see Pamedan, a place where Mangkunegaran troops used to have their training. In the courtyard of Pura Mangkunegaran itself, there is a small Dutch-style building with the words Kavalerie-Artilerie written on it. This place was once a training ground for the troops of horsemen.

After passing through the second gate, tourists will see a large pavilion with an area of ​​around 3,500 square meters. The size of this pavilion is able to accommodate up to 10,000 people. Uniquely, all the buildings in the Pendopo(Pavilion) Ageng were built without nails. Not only that, the distinctive color of the Mangkunegaran family also dominates this pavilion, which are Pari Anom colors yellow and green.

 Aside from presenting a large pavilion, the grandeur of the Mangkunegaran Temple building is also completed with a beautiful garden. The park is overgrown with various flowering trees and ornamental shrubs.

Pura Mangkunegaran itself is considered a natural reservation site. There are birdcages up to classic European-style statues and fountains that could provide a calm and natural atmosphere.

Tourists can also see various relics of the Mangkunegaran Keraton in the Mangkunegaran Palace site, specifically in the Pringgitan room. In said room, you can notice a variety of ancient money, antique jewelery, and various weapons up until various daggers and tablewares.

When visiting Pura Mangkunegaran, don’t forget to join the Mangkunegaran Royal Dinner. The Mangkunegaran Palace-style dinner program has become a favorite of the foreigners that visit Pura Mangkunegaran. Here, tourists can enjoy various types of delicious traditional Mangkunegaraan Keraton food.

Pura Mangkunegaran is located on Ronggowarsito Street, Keprabon, Banjarsari, Surakarta City, Central Java.