When you are in Solo and its surrounding area, you can try visiting the Sangiran Museum. This place has caught the world’s attention because there are various discoveries about archeology which are quite shocking. For tourists who are interested in ancient objects, this museum is the best tourism spot. In this museum, there are many rare fossils that are thought to be the very beginning of the civilization in the world.

After doing research for decades, the Sangiran Museum has collected 13,809 fossils. This figure is certainly the largest amount among the history of the museums in Indonesia. In fact, this museum is said to be the most complete museum in all of the region of Asia. Some say that the Sangiran Museum is the largest site in the whole world. So, it is not surprising to find many researchers who come to this museum to conduct many kinds of studies.
The Sangiran Museum is divided into three parts, which are exhibition room number 1, exhibition room number 2, and exhibition room number 3. Before entering the first room, you can see one of the interesting things there, which is a place that contains ancient lava which is almost two million years old. The said lava is derived from the eruption of Mount Lawu that occurred millions of years ago.

The first exhibition room shows the various discoveries and research conducted since G.H.R. Von Koegniswad and several other foreign researchers. The discovery that are displayed in this space, are fossils found in the Sangiran site. The second exhibition room contains evolution images of human beings, ranging from ancient human-beings/homo-sapiens to modern humans. In the second room, tourists can see the audio-visual projector provided that shows the process of natural occurrence. The third exhibition room contains a replica statue of human being from the Homo Erectus era and also a variety of ancient animals, both land animals and sea animals, such as ancient elephants, crocodiles, buffalo, fishes, crabs, and so on.
For those of you who are interested in visiting this tourist attraction, you can visit this museum in Kalijambe Village, Sangiran District, Sragen Regency, Province of Central Java. The location of the Sangiran Museum is strategic so tourists can reach it easily.