Sriwedari Park is one of the places that is considered to be the center of development of arts and culture in Solo. This park was built by Pakubuwono X(the tenth) and was originally made to be a recreational and resting place for the royal family. The construction idea of this park was inspired to resemble the existence of a park in heaven. Finally, Taman Sriwedari was announced official on January 1, 1902.

This park is located on Slamet Riyadi Street No. 275, Solo. Within this area, there are several parts that usually function as places for performing arts. At the front area, there is a Pendopo(Pavilion) which is often used as a venue for dance performances.  Aside from that, this Pendopo also functions as a gathering place.

In front of the Pendopo, there is a statue of Rama and Sinta. The statue was inspired by one of the Ramayana ballet fragments and was made as a symbol to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sriwedari Park in 2002.

Another place in this area that often functions as a place to perform arts is the Wayang Orang* Building. As the name suggests, this building is a place for Wayang Prang shows, one of Solo’s specialized arts. This theater was renovated in 1994

This Wayang Orang show is held routinely from Tuesday to Saturday. Starting from 8 PM until 11 PM. The ticket to watch the show only costs three thousand rupiah.

Inside Sriwedari Park, there are also various stalls that offer objects of arts and culture. When you come to this place, you can find stalls selling paintings, puppets, and so on. Not only that, at other stalls you can also find Kuda Lumping* sellers, various handicrafts from bamboo, and many other types of handicrafts.

 Sriwedari Park is usually crowded at night. Apart from the of Wayang Orang shows that are routinely held at this place, people visit here to enjoy the various games that are in the People’s Amusement Park (THR/Taman Hiburan Rakyat). People’s Amusement Park is a playground that is located in the Sriwedari Park area, but its management is carried out by private sectors. The park is located on Brigjend Slamet Riyadi Street, No.  275, Laweyan, Solo City, Central Java, Indonesia.

* Wayang Orang : Wayang which means puppet, and Orang means people. Wayang Orang is a show which tells the story of the Javanese puppet but is acted through people as the characters.

* Kuda Lumping : one of the cultural art symbols which refers to the shape of a small horse, usually made out of rattan and painted with unique colors and patterns.