JAKARTA—The government is speeding up the completion of the construction of four super priority destinations, namely Toba Lake, Borobudur Temple, Mandalika, and Labuan Bajo.

The four destinations are part of the 10 Bali Baru tourism megaprojects. All of them are aimed at leveling foreign tourist arrivals, which so far have been concentrated in Bali (40%), DKI Jakarta (30%), and Riau Islands (20%).

Hiramsyah S. Thaib as the Head of the 10 Priority Tourism Destination Acceleration Teams of Ministry of Tourism explained that the construction in four destinations of the super destinations focused on aspects of connectivity, tourism facilities / infrastructure, and human resources.

“The four super priority destinations are currently insignificant to add or attract foreign tourists. The impact of tourist arrivals due to the existence of these super priority destinations will only take place in the next 2 to 3 years,” He explained to Bisnis.com, recently.

Over the previous year, the number of tourist visits to Magelang Regency reached 6.36 million visitors. It consisted of 5.9 million domestic tourists and 350,000 foreign tourists (about 60% of whom visited Borobudur Temple).

Meanwhile, the level of tourist arrivals at Borobudur Temple was 3.66 million for tourists and 192,231 people for tourists last year. In Labuan Bajo itself, tourists visiting both foreign tourists and tourists throughout the year reached 163,807 people, while in Mandalika it reached 153,715 people. Besides, Danau Toba was visited by 250,000 foreign tourists along previous year.

According to Hiramsyah, the biggest constraint in the development of the four super priority destinations is the synchronization of policies. For this reason, a revised policy is needed so that Indonesia’s tourism destinations can compete with other countries.

“It takes extraordinary coordination between ministries and institutions. The biggest challenge right now is coordination, “he said.

Source: bisnis.com