Borobudur – Yogyakarta Area

The tourist areas around Borobudur and Yogyakarta have enormous potential as national and international tourism destinations. The attractiveness of Borobudur and Yogyakarta as a historical tourism destination is increasingly known in the world. It makes this region be one of the areas currently being prioritized for development by the government. In addition, cultural nuances that are still thick and natural attractions that are still beautiful are also the main attraction for the tourists.

Borobudur region which is administratively located in Magelang Regency has a variety of interesting natural attractions to visit. One of them is Mount Punthuk Setumbu which is a favorite destination for sunrise hunters. The view of the thin mist with the silhouette of the Borobudur Temple and the line of trees are a special charm of Punthuk Setumbu. For nature lovers who like to challenge their adrenaline, rafting activities along Oya River and Progo River are also a favorite of tourists who visit to Magelang.

Yogyakarta which is often referred to as “the entrance of Borobudur” also has many tourist destinations which are recommended to visit. In historical and cultural tourism, Yogyakarta has a variety of destination choices, including Prambanan Temple, Ratu Boko Temple, Keraton, Vredeburg Fort, Raja Imogiri Tombs, Kotagede Area, and several interesting museums to visit.

One of the areas on the edges of Yogyakarta that has a natural charm that is always mesmerizing is Bantul. Some destinations that are frequently visited by tourists are the Mangunan Area which offers a variety of attractions such as Pine Forest, Mangunan Fruit Garden, Panguk Kediwung Hill and many others. Do not forget to also line up the south coast such as Parangtritis Beach, Goa Cemara Beach, Depok Beach which is a popular tourist attraction in Bantul.

In addition to the beaches in the Bantul area, many tourists also hunt for the beach area in Gunungkidul. Most of the beaches in Gunungkidul have soft white sand which is being favorite part of tourists. In addition, the various activities that can be done on several beaches in Gunungkidul are also the reason for the many tourists interested in visiting them. For example, snorkeling at Sadranan Beach, surfing at Wediombo Beach, and challenging activities to cross a bridge and try a gondola at Timang Beach.

For tourists who want to enjoy quiet nature tourism can visit the Menoreh Hills in Kulon Progo. The construction of the NYIA Airport, which is planned to be completed in April 2019, will also have an impact on the Menoreh Hills tourist area. It is increasingly being addressed to support Yogyakarta tourism. Some destinations that are recommended by tourists are Mudal River Park, Kedung Pedut Waterfall, and Kalibiru Nature Tourism