Semarang – Karimunjawa Area

The area of northern Central Java is a tourist destination that is quite well-known among travelers. Semarang as the capital of Central Java is not only famous for its Lawang Sewu and Simpang Lima, which has become the icon of the city, but also there are plenty of attractions for tourists to explore.

In the historical and cultural tourism sector, besides the Lawang sewu, tourists can visit the Great Mosque of Semarang, the Old City Region, the Ambarawa Train Museum, and the Sam Po Kong Temple. As for tourists who want to enjoy the unique nature of Semarang with their families, they can come to Umbul Sidomukti which offers the charm of a waterspring above the hills, or the Banyubiru area which is now being hit in Semarang. And for tourists who have a hobby of climbing the mountain can try Mount Ungaran which is also a favorite place of climbers.

After satisfied exploring Semarang, tourists can pass a little of the waters of the Java Sea, tourists will be lulled by the beauty of Karimunjawa. Karimunjawa is one of the popular tourist destinations among tourists who love sea tourism. Crystal-clear seawater and greenish-blue gradation successfully make tourists who come fascinated by its beauty.

Not only playing water and feeling the soft white sand under the feet, tourists will also be invited to do a variety of exciting activities such as snorkeling to enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater, swim with sharks, and enjoy the delicious grilled fish yet enjoy breeze of the beach. Moreover, the beauty of Karimunjawa will feel more complete if it is enshrined in camera shots.

In addition to sea tours, tourists can also do land tours such as tracking Mangrove Karimunjawa, enjoying dusk from a height on Cinta Hill, Ujung Gelam Beach which is beingĀ  the best sunset spot in Karimunjawa for tourists, and Kampung Bugis where tourists can get to know the Bugis culture.